Waterski Girl Wonder – Shellie Blum

Waterski Girl Wonder – Shellie Blum


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Shellie Blum Waterski Girl Wonder


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Shellie Blum’s Waterski Girl Wonder Description from Amazon – Escaping instantaneous death and paralysis from a hangman’s broken neck, and shattered right jaw endured in a horrific watersking accident is only part of this unbelievable story. Follow Shellie on her journey from the Ozarks to Egypt and even the back alleys of Hollywood streets as she perseveres through more than her share of grueling set backs. You don’t have to be a waterskier to enjoy this inspiring true story told by the first female freestyle waterski ramp jumper in the World!

From Shellie Blum’s Linked In Page – I was practicing my back-flip in March 1989 when I set a World record I never wanted: the first female water-ski pro to be dragged by the neck through the water at 36 mph. I survived the Hangman’s Fracture and a broken jaw. Most people said I was lucky. I could have…should have…died or been paralyzed. But if I had been a male athlete with my career cut short, would my doctor have told me to find a rich husband, settle down, and get a nice house in the country? I don’t think so.

No longer able to do the one thing that made me deliriously happy, the thing I was better at than any other woman in the world, I was left with a paralysis of a different sort: depression. The bills piled up. The insurance company pressured me to settle. Just surviving seemed to mean one battle after another. But I am nothing if not a fighter. With the help of my family, my friends, and a few dedicated professionals, I was finally able to come to terms with my physical and emotional pain. I’ll never be able to freestyle jump again. But I’ve found a new element, and I’m just as competitive as ever. This is my story.

It should appeal to anyone moved by “survivor” stories, true-life drama, and memoirs with strong female characters. It’s a readable tale filled with Southern-Midwestern gothic family drama, good-old-boy condescension, and heart-warming human interest. And every word is true.

The Publishing World tells me I need a book platform. Okay, like Kevin Costner said in the movie “Field of Dreams” If I build it, Will they come? I hope to max out my personal Facebook fan page and Goodreads with over 5000 friends each, and have a twitter following and follow over 300,000 twitter friends by Summer 2014! I started twitter March of 2012, it’s a hardcore goal, but I think I can make it, and then….

I would like to have my book touch the inner core of millions of readers.

I would like the book to inspire people to believe that dreams come true if you never give up.

Specialties:After reading my book, a professional editor called it “honest and absorbing”, she made a comparison to “The Glass Castle”, and “The Liar’s Club”.


An Interview with Waterski Girl Wonder Shellie Blum

  1. How long did it take you to start writing in earnest once you knew that was what you wanted to do? Specifically, with the one and only project I’ve done, which is my memoir, it took me 25 days to complete the first draft.
  2. 2. Did you launch into self-publishing immediately or did you try the traditional route first? I absolutely tried to go the traditional publishing route. And Wow! What a tough nut to crack. For four years I snail mailed, emailed and spoke with several people on the phone. I was told early on to build a “Book Platform.” I wasn’t really sure what that was but like I do with most challenges I give it my all. It was difficult to avoid some of the charlatans out there, and believe you me, there are plenty, but I just kept going with my gut intuition. And sticking to my guns on feelings I had about advice I was getting. In the end, I felt like I couldn’t keep promising my friends and  “Book Platform” people this story of mine. I didn’t want people to say, “Oh Yeah, that’s just Shellie talking about that dumb old book of hers again.”  I’m one of those kind of people, that if I say I gonna’ do something, I will… or die trying. So I finally put the memoir out there, all on my own.
  3. What was the most difficult part of the journey? Oh my! This is a hard question. I guess for me, writing the story was difficult in parts, for obvious reasons. Rehashing brutal experiences can actually make you relive them, and for me, it would make me a little sick to my stomach. But since I’ve self-published, I think one of the most difficult parts of the journey are the people that I consider my friends and even family members have not been as supportive as I thought they would be. I mean I get it, for some people I’ve come up with my patented saying, “They’re just too close to it.” Meaning the story hits to close to home and makes them feel uncomfortable for reasons they can only know. But it can also mean, that perhaps they are feeling the feelings of inadequacies in their own lives and dreams unfulfilled. And then we get into the very complex human nature of envy. That’s the polite term for jealous. Some people have an easier time embracing other people’s successes, so I’m very conscious of my own feelings of jealousy and envy. And I have found that when I embrace other people’s successes it makes me feel better about myself. I still have a hard time when I think someone has received accolades and success when it wasn’t that hard for them, but that’s just the underdog in me talking. So even though, I have had a difficult time in my journey of life and self-publishing my memoir, I know others out there have it much worse. It keeps me grounded, and makes me be able to get past my hurt feelings in people not supporting me as much as I had hope. The people that do support me are the ones that matter, and I am very humbled and appreciative of them. Ultimately, in the end, it’ll be me that keeps my efforts and determination of success going. My goal is to expose my story to as many people as I can. And perhaps in doing so, motivating some underdogs out there who are struggling along their way.  You too, can do it too! Just keep on keeping on…

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