Soap Opera in Book Form… Love it

A review for Pam of Babylon on Amazon by The Lee Family 🙂 xoxoxo

I first stumbled on Pam via an email subscription list that sends me free ebooks to download. I’d just had my second baby and counted on ebooks on my phone and kindle to keep me going through late night feedings and and spending more time at home. Pam of Babylon was the first FREE book on my daily email one day and I downloaded it not knowing anything about the author, the series or what the book was even about.

I had no idea what to expect, but I had no idea that it would suck me in. Many reviews complain about the convoluted, fantastical storylines, but that is what I LOVE about Pam – it is 100% Soap Opera just in book form, and focused around one main character with the rest of the storylines as satellites. The fact of the matter is that these issues and topics happen to real people every single day (albeit not all together and I’m sure most people don’t advertise or admit their family scandals) – but isn’t that the beauty of a good soap opera?

If you are a Soap fan, you will love Pam, her friends, family and loved ones. You will probably even love her frenemies. You might even love Jack, even as you hate him.

Fair Warning – Once you get sucked into Pam’s world, you’ll find yourself coming back for more. (And then check out her other series!)

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