Please Vote for My Cover :-)

Would you be a doll and go here to vote for If I Ever Leave You?


I received this email today. What a nice way to start the day!

Dear Suzanne Jenkins,
It brings me great pleasure to tell you that your book If I Ever Leave You: Pam of Babylon Book #16 has been selected to partake in our monthly “Cover of The Month” contest for January, 2018. Only the top 100 covers with the most votes will be allowed to proceed on with the competition after the first week (7th), so make sure you tell your friends and followers to vote for you!
Your book cover’s voting page is ! On this page (after login), you will also find some email/ social media post templates which you can use to invite your friends and subscribers, so that they can vote for you. Good luck!
Best Regards,
Team AllAuthor

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