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  1. I love your cover for ‘The Liberation of Ravenna Morton’. It really evokes the oneness of all things as believed by The People, not to mention all the animals and birds appear to be indigenous to Michigan. I look forward to reading the book, soon, as I did download it from Smashwords. Thank you for that opportunity!

    I’ve downloaded or borrowed all of your ‘Babylon’ series and am looking forward to the next installment in June. Your style of writing, the storyline you weave and the way you get into the heads of the characters have kept me racing to the next book this last month-and-a-half. LOL It takes me a bit of time to decompress and get my head out of Babylon when I finish each book.

    I really appreciate you authors and the ability to download your books to an e-reader – there’s no way I could cram over 2000 books in my house! Thank you for sharing your imagination with us!

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