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When finding love sparks danger…Now available for Pre-Release sales only. Release date will be November 18, 2018.


Moonlight And Mystery is thrilled to have 4 authors contributing stories in the upcoming Love Under Fire Romantic Suspense Box Set ~ Casi McLean, Kathryn Knight, Tamara Ferguson, and Suzanne Jenkins! Grab your copy of all 21 books for the Presale price of only $0.99 on these links ONLY:
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Despite their painful history, Dean can’t resist the instinct to protect Malorie, especially when it becomes apparent there’s a killer in their town. Their former chemistry reignites, but Malorie has long accepted that her dark family secret has destined her to a life alone. When she uncovers evidence that makes her the killer’s target, a deadly confrontation threatens to destroy any possibility of a second chance. A new novel of romantic suspense from #1 Amazon Bestselling Author Kathryn Knight. Click Here To Go To The Amazon Buy Link!

Between the shadows - kindle

PreSale price only $0.99 She never expected to confront deadly villains…let alone fall in love with one… After her friend, York, encounters the ghostly image of a young woman, Mackenzie Reynolds seizes the opportunity to initiate a time jump, thrusting them back to 1865 Georgia. Resolved to thwart the girl’s untimely fate, Kenzi stumbles into a deadly conflict over a stockpile of stolen Confederate gold. An injured Civil War survivor, James Adams departs for home with a war-fatigued companion he’s determined to help. After pilfering a horse and kidnaping a woman, he never dreamed his hostage would steal his heart. Kenzi and James must unravel a deadly plot, while helping York save his ghost woman from a brutal death. But can she leave York in a violent past to save James’s life? A Gripping Novel By Award-Winning Author Casi McLean


Zoraida Grey needs help. With the witchy Logan clan holding her best friend hostage in a haunted Scottish castle, she can’t trust anyone—certainly not beguiling but dangerous Shea Logan. And Al, her overprotective boyfriend, doesn’t believe in magic. Only one creature strikes fear in the blackened hearts of the Logan witches. Trouble is Jock disappeared five centuries ago leaving a trail of destruction across the Gulf of Mexico. Now he’s stepped into a steaming pile of Voodoo. Can Zoraida drag wayward Jock back to Scotland? And what’s she supposed to do with two men who promise completely different futures? A Scottish wizard, stripped naked and painted blue—a Voodoo priestess bent on immortality—a yacht-load of Caribbean pirates. What can possibly go wrong?

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Fallen warrior angel, Caden Silverwind, lives alone in Colorado’s rugged Rockies, healing from physical wounds as well as the mental anguish suffered during battles with dark demons. Then he finds a woman barely clinging to life after a horrendous beating. He is not prepared for the entanglement she brings to his life, nor the feelings she awakens in him. Bureau of Indian Affairs Agent, Mystic Rayne’s personal dilemma and assignment nearly gets her killed. Divine intervention is a complication she never expected and her growing attraction to Caden is undeniable. Can she trust him with her secret? Their quest to uncover her attacker takes them from the pristine mountains in Colorado to the wilds of Wyoming. Along the way, they find answers which may place them in more danger. Determined to solve the mystery, they must also navigate their feelings and fears to find love and unite heaven and earth.


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anymore? I used to find time to sit back, relax, and pamper myself. Takinga a bubble bath with zen music playing softy, or curling up by the fire with a glass of wind and a great book . . . ahhh, the memories. Lately though, I feel like it’s VIRTUALLY impossible to find time to relax and reenergize. I missed having the time to read the books I LOVE––until I discovered the world of Audiobooks!!


ThePenhallowTrainIncident w10509 2400

In the sleepy coastal Maine town of Penhallow, a stranger dies on a train, drawing historical society director Rachel Tinker and curmudgeonly retired professor Griffin Tate into a spider’s web of archaeological obsession and greed. With the help of the victim’s rival, they set out to locate the queen of Sheba’s tomb. Their plans are stymied when a tug-of-war erupts between the sheriff and a state police detective who wants to arrest the same man for different crimes. It’s up to Rachel to solve a mystery that includes two more murders if she wants to unlock the soft heart that beats under Griffin’s hard crust.

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A year after a barbaric childbirth, complete with a near-death experience and an encounter with her guardian angel, Angie Edmonds is just happy she and her son, Jake, are alive. She’s finally in a good place: clean, sober, and employed as a defense attorney. But at the end of a long work day, she finds herself in a parent’s worst nightmare: Jake has been kidnapped and taken across the Mexican border by a cult leader who believes the child is the “Chosen One”. Stymied by the US and Mexican legal systems, Angie is forced to ask the head of a Mexican crime syndicate for help. Much to her chagrin, she must work with Alejandro Torres, a dangerously attractive criminal and the drug lord’s right-hand man. Little does she know Alejandro is an undercover federal agent, equally terrified of blowing his cover – and falling in love with her.

BeyondtheMist w11817 2400

Piper Taylor concedes she’ll never fall in love, until a treacherous storm spirals her into the arms of the handsome Nick Cramer. Unrelenting remorse over a past relationship haunts Nick, but he can’t deny the mysterious connection and hot desire Piper evokes. The allure of a secret portal hidden beneath Atlanta’s Lake Lanier tempts him into seizing the opportunity to change his mistakes. But his time slip triggers consequences beyond his wildest dreams. Can Piper avoid the international espionage and terrorism of 2001 New York, find Nick, and bring him home before he alters the fabric of time, or will the lovers drift forever Beyond the Mist?

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When Claire Linden’s job sends her to the sleepy town of Gull Harbor, she never expects to encounter her ex-boyfriend. As a medium, the prospect of tackling a haunted house is less daunting than seeing Max Baron again. Throughout their passionate college relationship, he promised to love her forever. Then, without explanation, he abandoned her on graduation day. Max never intended to break Claire’s heart – a cruel ultimatum forced him to disappear from her life. While he’s shocked to find her in Gull Harbor, he isn’t surprised by the bitter resentment she feels for him…or the fiery attraction that remains between them. Claire is determined to rid her temporary home of its aggressive ghost, but Max soon realizes she’s facing a danger beyond the paranormal. When Claire risks everything to help a desperate spirit, Max must race to save her – before another tragedy tears them apart forever.


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How can she abandon her nephew? Or can she outwit the Angel of Death himself, and stay with Geordi forever?

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Reign of Fire

Available for Pre Release. Release date: November 13, 2018. When Love Sparks Danger, Get Ready for an Explosion! Twenty-one Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and bestselling authors bring you a heart-pounding collection of stories all in one amazing romantic suspense boxed set. From around the edges of every day existence lurks betrayal, greed, and death. With every turn of the page, feel the heat of adrenaline as fear lights up the night. Fight alongside the tenacious heroes and heroines as they battle for survival. They’ll put everything on the line to thwart the evil coming after them. They want to trust in the power of love. But is it enough?

safe image-1.php

Urban Fantasy at it’s best. Don’t miss this amazing boxset!


From mind twisting thrillers, to pulse pounding suspense, this limited-edition collection from today’s hottest best-selling authors has something for all tastes.

51on8GKW SL. SY346

When she uncovers evidence that makes her the killer’s target, a deadly confrontation threatens to destroy any possibility of a second chance.

Between the shadows - kindle

Pre-Sale only $0.99 !! She never expected to confront deadly villains…let alone fall in love with one…


Granny’s dying, but Zoraida can save her with a magic crystal of smoky quartz.


From mind twisting thrillers, to pulse pounding suspense, this limited-edition collection from today’s hottest best-selling authors has something for all tastes.


Missing Pieces, A Chandler County Novel


What does an unemployed lawyer with questionable parentage have to offer the woman he loves?


Faced with an opportunity to make a tremendous sacrifice, she’ll have to decide…can she forego her eternal happiness to give them theirs?


In order to unravel a mysterious disappearance, Jake must take a journey through time to discover Katlyn’s mystic connection to an antique painting, and fulfill a promise hidden in the pages of history.


Was it Brooklyn MacArthur, her handsome father, Trent, or the child’s great-grandfather, Will, who steals Sierra’s heart? Or is it the merging of three strong women that determines her destiny?


A story about two women, from different walks of life, and the one remarkable dog who saves them both.

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Determined to solve the mystery, they must also navigate their feelings and fears to find love and unite heaven and earth.


Her touch uncovers secrets. His secrets might be more than she can handle.

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s a trip to Ireland the key to unraveling secrets and returning the magic? And even more importantly, will their love survive the trip?


Can Brie find the key to Aidan’s world and realize the sands of time run out after midnight before Derek’s plot plays through?


Devastated when she learns that Michael Murphy’s become engaged, Kate comes up with a plan to try to win him back. But will she be too late?


When Dothan’s actions thrust Jamie into an unforeseen danger, he must seek the help of his enemy…or risk losing her forever.


A musical career in the making. A murdered childhood friend. One chance to catch the killer.


Can Brand break through Sarah’s wounded heart before he’s reassigned?

51NjDRx6fZL. SY346

Kendall has to decide if it’s the kind of crazy that she can live with… for the rest of her life.

51h9bYNT L

Aileanna must decide if she can trust her secrets to this fierce warrior who needs her talent, but wants her love.


Ellie must find the heart behind Donal’s gruff exterior and convince him he is the man of her dreams.

51bfh V52bL. SY346

Is Mitch truly his son’s father or an irresistible stranger in her arms?


Both Sophie and Nick are terrified of being hurt again, but can they resist the pull of true love?


Will Savannah discover that the mystical gift from her bizarre encounter holds the key to her true destiny before it’s too late?


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FlotsamandJetsam w12697 med

COMMING SOON! Who’s littering the park with corpses? State Park Rangers Simon Ribault and Ellie Ironstone are used to dealing with messy campers and ravaging raccoons, but when three bodies wash up on the beach, they mobilize all their powers of deduction. Who are they and how did they get to the shore of Amelia Island? Are they connected to the secretive League of the Green Cross? Or linked to a mysterious Jamaican drug ring? Ellie, new to Amelia Island, must penetrate a close-knit community if she wants to find answers to the mystery, all while deciding between two rivals for her affection: Thad, the handsome local idol, and Simon, the clever, quirky bookworm.

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