Memory of the Color Yellow Science Fiction

Memory of the Color Yellow Science Fiction

Coming soon in the Boxed Set, Rogue Skies 

My childhood officially ended the day I heard the word Tiresias while playing tag with my friends on a sultry August afternoon. As daylight waned, neighborhood kids ran rampant over manicured lawns screaming, “You’re it!” and “Tag, I gotcha!” We were twelve year olds; ranging in the stages of maturity from testosterone-ridden puberty to pencil-necked little boy. I vacillated between the two extremes. But we’d been inseparable since kindergarten.

Until that August day, it had been the best summer of my life, one that would define childhood summers for me; running through lawn sprinklers, building a tree fort just four feet off the ground, some kind of meat cooking on the grill, the smell mouth-watering, no second calls for lunch required. The following September, we would look forward to venturing off to junior high. The sorrow caused by and fear of our government had not yet colored my world…

The story of a post apocalyptic world on the brink, Steve Manos and his family live in Europe Town, a segregated area where people of European descent live in the Coalition; formerly the United States. The necessities of life are minimally met by the government and everyone works for the good of the leadership. As life for the people becomes almost intolerable, change happens.

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  1. Just finished reading the latest installment of The Memory of Yellow. What a fascinating story this is. I can’t wait to see what finally happens to all of the players. I can only hope this doesn’t actually ever happen to us.

    I’ll be looking forward to the next installment. Thank you, Suzanne, for this wonderful story!

  2. Just finished the second installment in can’t wait to continue with the next chapters. Love to read your books!

  3. I am first generation Greek so your story initially caught my interest. However it did not take long before I was totally engrossed in the story. Well done!

    • Dear Kosta, I’m always worried when my countrymen read the story because it is pretty gritty. I’ll be sending out #17 soon. Are you caught up to #16? I’ll send it out tonight if not.

      Suzanne (Zannis) Jenkins 🙂

  4. Wow…I just stayed up all evening and read all the chapters of this amazing story. I am waiting for #18. What an amazing story. I pray this never comes to our shores. It sure gives a body something to think about. What an awesome author you are Suzanne Jenkins. I am sending the links to all my friends. And I will be reading more of your work.

    • Rhonda thank you so much!!!! I just finished uploading chapters 11-15 into one book and will send you the link. I realized I’d changed the name of Billy’s wife from Kathy to Marilynn. Lol! Thank you again. I’ll send it in an email. Suzanne

  5. What a wonderful set of stories! The Manos family has me hooked. I’m up to Chapters 11-15, and I think I will have to slow down my reading pace so I’m not story-deprived.

  6. I downloaded this awhile ago and put off reading it because it’s not my usual kind of fiction but I just got done with 17. Totally engrossed! Looking for the next chapters now. I noticed in the comments above that you changed Billy’s wife’s name, was that the case with Sarah and Sandra at the end of 17?

    • I’d better check that! Thank you so much for pointing it out. When I finish #20 I’ll reedit 16 on and put them into a boxed set. One of the main characters in my Pam of Babylon Series is Sandra and i must have been having a brain fart and mixed the two up. Sarah is definitely going to be Sarah. Now I don’t remember who Billy is. Lol! Thank you so much for writing.

  7. I am hooked hooked hooked! What an amazingly told story! I am equally enthralled and horrified and cannot wait to read #21! Thank you for sharing your brilliant stories and giving us a window to your imagination.

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