Meet Sir Charles Sirtup – Artist, Author, Humorist

Meet Sir Charles Sirtup – Artist, Author, Humorist

Warning: Adult content.

Sir CharlesSir Charles Sirtup

Satirist should be added to the title. If it doesn’t offend, it’s not satire. Sir Charles Sirtup work is not as offensive as it could be, you get the sense he’s holding back just a wee bit.

In his massive tome, Flyland, Sir Charles Sirtup bandies all the ills of man; the search for God, Machiavellian intrigue, murder and illicit sex, by a human-like fly. Praised by Kirkus Review, Flyland spans the genres, from romance, science fiction and family saga, to of course, satire. The original work is massive; I have a cherished copy. Divided into three installments now, plus the Quatrains, (I have to admit, my favorite,) it’s not as overwhelming to commit to.

To receive a free download of a hefty portion of  Flyland, click here.


Who doesn’t hate the constant political discourse on the news? I can’t watch. Sir Charles has taken the the news that petrifies the left and satirizes it, often including pundits from the left as well, proving no one is safe from his pen! To read Sitrup’s comic strip, titled Today’s Trump, follow him on Instagram or click here. 

done deal

There’s more to Sir Charles Sirtup’s talent than fly stories and political misadventure, but he’s a private man so we’ll leave with this final note. I was both honored and mortified when, after reading Pam of Babylon and giving it a glowing review (which was promptly removed by Amazon when they discovered our connection,) he sent me this alternative cover. I dearly love it and will someday have a special edition Pam touting his artwork.

Pam of Babylon 2 mockup

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