Meet Author Lori Meckley – More than Erotica

Meet Author Lori Meckley – More than Erotica




Suzanne’s Note: I believe Lori is a storyteller first, a writer of erotica second. Lori and I met shortly after Pam of Babylon was published. She became my first real fan and has continued to support my books. When Morgan’s Diary was finished, she let me read it and believe me, I was hesitant, even for a old whore like me  prudish stereotypes battled my curiosity. So I was delighted that the book not only titillated, it was a great story. Read my review for more. PS. I wasn’t really a whore.

lori morganMorgan’s Diary, Tales of a Mortician’s Artist (Mortician’s Artist Trilogy Book 1)

My personal favorite of Lori’s books!

Morgan Paris, Mortician’s Artist for the dead has been having an affair with her new boss, Jason Delaware who is not only married but can’t stop thinking about his sensual new employee. The affair between Morgan and Jason is not the only thing going on behind the closed doors of The Delaware funeral home, there is also rumors of an underground club called The Belle Morte, and dead bodies just seem to be disappearing all over the Warehouse district of New Orleans. Mercedes Delaware, Jason’s wife also has a few gears to grind with Morgan as well as her husband.

This book contains adult content and sexual situations. It is a dark read so readers please make note of this, the book may not be for everyone.

My Review of Morgan’s Diary– I don’t normally read erotica. I want to be honest. Erotica titillates. I’m too busy during the day to have to take a break to….never mind. When the opportunity to read Morgan’s Diary presented, I read it knowing my dear husband of forty-five-almost years was nearby, just in case.

Well, I was hooked right off the bat. There’s a lot here. For openers, the setting was appealing to me because I grew up in a home that revolved around the funeral business. It was how my father supported our family, the current news from the cemetery often dinner table conversation. No matter how aboveboard things are, there was always a little intrigue under the surface; a family member borrowed the bulldozer used to dig graves one night and had a joy ride through the grounds. Another time, a loved one spent the night lying over a grave, crying. So the offerings from the graveyard vacillated between the outlandish to the heartbreaking. I grew up during Vietnam War time and I still remember the few military funerals, which my father facilitated, and they were devastating to watch. Or the time a local policeman was murdered in the line of duty and hundreds of police cars lined the street around the cemetery. Sorry for the detour down memory lane. I digress.

Also, now this is just my perspective. There’s something about the scenes between Jason and Morgan that remind me of Wuthering Heights. Something about the tone of the dialogue. And I found that very appealing. Even though their relationship quickly de-escalates into depravity, there’s that superficial respect Jason has for her when he’s clothed. Well done, Lori Meckley.

The author manages to write sex scenes that aren’t all cliché. I really appreciated her use of proper word usage, not cluttering the action with a lot of slang and street language. I’m no expert on this genre, but I think it succeeded in fulfilling several goals; it caught my interest, I wanted to keep reading, and I was looking for my husband when I was finished.

lori butterfy

The Butterfly House (Butterfly House Trilogy Book 1)

Nolan Walker has fallen for “her.” She’s known by many as the “Lotus” at “The Butterfly House.” Ava Wild isn’t looking for love, she just wants to lose herself each night. Praying that god will have mercy on her soul. Will they be friends or something much more…

Lori has a great sense of humor…here’s her Butterfly House Trilogy boxed set which includes a children’s book, Finding ElliotCheck out the Amazon page for the Trilogy; there’s a comprehensive description of each book features.

butterfly tril

From Lori’s Website

Author Lori Meckley grew up in Pennsylvania, where she attended Harrisburg Area Community College for her Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and worked law enforcement in the field of private apprehension, background investigation and as a booking agent. Ms. Meckley also shadowed Crime Scene Analyst David Ickler. Ms. Meckley now lives in Montana with her fiancee and their miniature schnauzer Thor.

An Interview with Lori Meckley

  1. How long did it take you to start writing in earnest once you knew that was what you wanted to do?

I’ve been writing or maybe I’d call it more things in my head that I put on paper since I was in grade school. I remember I tried to write a historical romance when they were hugely popular but it fell short because while I knew my story from beginning to end I couldn’t seem to figure out how to actually write it. I read a ton of books and articles on writing but it wasn’t until I just sat down one day and put a bunch of pieces of writing together that I stumbled on how writing worked for me. I kind of write by the seat of my pants. I don’t have the patience to sit in a class or read tip books on writing.

  1. Did you launch into self-publishing immediately or did you try the traditional route first?

I went the traditional route at first. I had a few short stories published but I was still struggling to get into what would later work for me. I believe a true writer finds their own way, it’s not something forced. You tend to learn about yourself along the way so it’s a process not something that can be learned or given to you. Oh though I sometimes I think people want to walk into it like a dress that you pulled off a clothes rack and expect to fit without trying it on first. You buy the dress and get it home only to be disappointed because you should of actually tried it on first. Not everyone is meant to be a writer, we need readers too. I wanted to be both.

  1. What was the most difficult part of the journey?

It’s balancing a full time job while trying to write. I can’t write on demand. I have to be in this groove I get. It’s the best feeling in the world to feel unstoppable and nothing kills it more than being exhausted from real life. My brain goes into overload and then sleep decides to add to the pile up. It’s like being on this amazing road trip and suddenly there is a huge car pile up, you can’t turn around and go back so you struggle trying to get back to that road trip after you’ve spent hours sitting waiting at a stand still with everyone else. Your creative feeling suddenly has exhausted and it’s taken you hostage.

  1. You have several books, including a series. Do you want to do a stand alone? Or are you compelled to continue your series? Or both?

I never had a plan to even write a second book. When I finished Morgan’s Diary I saw this amazing photo (it became the cover art for the book) that just slammed this story into my brain. I wrote The Butterfly House in a few weeks. It felt just life lifting then I came back to earth hearing a thousand voices from both books. All these characters and they all wanted my attention. One in particular is a constant in my life daily. Sometimes I feel like I see the world from her eyes. I am actually working on a few books (it seems to be my way of writing) two of the books are stand alone. So we shall see how it all pans out –I hope soon to finish one or maybe two…I’m already laughing to myself now.

  1. Do you jump right in to write once you get an idea, or do you plan and outline?

I see pieces in my mind, like a three D puzzle. Sometimes I will outline or I will just get a piece or conversation that takes me into it all. I use flash cards when I am working on a book and a steno pad. I do this thing, it kind of works in sync together like a machine that breaks down but is easy to fix, you just turn on the reverse button and rewind. Sometimes I have jumped right in but unless I have the free time I will hit that lovely thing called a stumbling block.

  1. Where do you write? Do you have any rituals or necessities when you write? Is noise a hindrance?

I like to be alone and sometimes I have to go to the library, hide at a cafe or put music in my ear to get in that zone. I don’t even hear the music after awhile the story will take over. Writing is always a solace time for me. My characters all want to talk at the same time so if I have any outside distractions the door will slam and they will be locked out. My brain likes one focus at a time. I am the same way at my job at work. I turn people out when I am working I can not deal with people talking and interruptions when my focus is the work and getting it done.

  1. Do you write more than one piece at a time? What’s in the works now?

Oh boy here is where we see how my mind works when it’s on writing mode. I’ve always done things like how can I explain this…Start a load of wash, do the dishes, prep dinner and then walk the dog. That is how writing is for me. I start work on what is my current piece, then when I hit a stumble I jump over to another book I am working on, sometimes I will stop and research over something that suddenly decided it needs to be in my story. I have this app on my phone that I take notes on. I hear things or I will get these brain storms while driving that I have to write down. I go to work an hour early and sit in my car. I will write and it’s not really what I am working on but more like unloading all this stuff I have been holding onto. I put it on a steno pad or in that app and then when I get to my laptop boom it’s become something for a story, a story or maybe a future piece.

What am I working on right now…

Fragile Ghosts – it’s the second book in the Morticians Artist Trilogy (If you’ve read Morgan’s Diary the first book it’s really only a piece of time in Morgan’s life told as actual diary entries, this second book will take the reader from New Orleans to Cork Ireland) the second book is about Morgan and Jason’s daughter. I have written the back ground story of each character from the diary and pulled it all together. I’ve researched Ireland so much I am praying I do it justice in my story.

Beautifully Bare – is the conclusion to “We Could Be Lovers – a novella with characters from The Butterfly House series) I had only wanted to write a trilogy but when I wrote book 2 I suddenly found myself needing to pull Miles and Cameron out of the main trilogy and have this amazing story that took place during all the action in the trilogy but like this little affair on the side. One of those naughty interruptions in life that happens

Untitled – not really but I’m keeping it a secret for now – is a stand alone that is about a girl named Jill Madison. I can’t really say too much about this book because this is story line I’d like to keep fresh and original. Hopefully I will do justice to it. Jill’s character I have to give my daughter credit for. We use her to talk third person all the time and there have been times we have laughed pretty hard at Jill and the situations she finds herself in.

  1. What encourages you to write? Discourages? What do you do to motive yourself through the rough times?

I think my love of words is why I write. I motivate myself by exercising my body (I treadmill three times a week or more if I can be left alone) this takes my mind off everything that is clogging it or taking up my time.) I get discouraged by the dumbest thing…seeing other writers who put out work that they didn’t research, edit or isn’t well written yet it’s selling like crazy because and I cringe to say this but I am being honest, it seems to be a high school click thing. People will share and push these books and they aren’t even a tenth of what I’d even want to lay down a dollar for when I buy another writers work. I want a story that I can see, feel and hear. It’s the difference between being a writer for the love of writing or being an author for popularity and it’s really hurting the book world. This isn’t a dig at anyone in particular but what I see when I sit back and listen and observe other writers. The need to be number one has taken over and it’s not pretty nor do people realize how much it takes away from what writing is about. You can take all the writing classes you want, have your “friends and readers” push your work but in the end you might as well be buying your own work instead of letting people discover a good story they want to talk about and share. This makes me question myself. Am I wasting my time, will anyone care about my work. I have to remind myself to walk away sometimes and return to Manderly. Love the writing forget everyone else. It’s about the story. I want to tell a story that you can step into. One of the hardest things is making someone understand what you are trying to say. I remember things I read about books I’ve loved that take me back to my love of reading. A few of my favorite authors have passed away and I remember all the time what I loved about their work. Bertrice Small researched her work, she could tell the most vivid things about a time period and the food you could almost taste it, you could see the fashions people were wearing. Valerie Sherwood, you felt as if you were the captive of this sweaty sexy pirate on a ship looking out over the sea. That’s what I want my readers to feel. I want them to know what it’s like to put make up on the dead; walk into a nigh club and actually see what the place looks like and be the center of attention; feel two people fall for each other and for a little while you are taken to that place and that time –watching it like the first time you saw a film on the big screen but your seeing it with your mind instead of your eyes.


A good story should always tell you something about its writer and  feel like a walk through their mind.

If you’d like to experience my mind I can be found here:


It’s been a pleasure, Thank you Suzy!


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  1. You are amazing! I’m blessed by our friendship and love of writing and books. Thank you for the interview and all your help with advice and simply an ear when I need one 🙂

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