John Worth – End Times vs Catholicism

John Worth – End Times vs Catholicism


John Worth, Writing of the End Times.

John worth Science Fiction Author John Worth

Suzanne’s Note: Author John Worth is one of the few authors I’ve interviewed whom I know in the flesh. I met his wife, Jill over ten years ago at a knitting shop and we’ve been close friends since then. John is a generous, considerate man. With his guidance, I avoided all the pitfalls of first time self-published authors. He’d already paved the way for me by publishing his Science Fiction/ End Times hit, The Revelation Project. With patience, he led me to Createspace, taught me about formatting, advised me on numerous issues that made my first publishing experience a breeze compared to what I’ve heard from other authors. He developed formatting software which enabled me to format my own natural dye instruction booklet complete with photographs, speaking with me on the phone sometimes five times a day. I think they had their number changed shortly after that. John’s a deep thinker, and his book is a compelling read which can’t be rushed through. I wish he’d finish the sequel.John’s a private guy so if you want to catch up with him, drop me a line and I’ll pass it on.

From John Worth’s Amazon Page: John Worth attended Mars Hill College and The College of New Jersey. During that time, he wrote numerous fiction and non fiction works and aspired to be a writer. However, wanting to pay his rent and eat food other than Ramen Noodles, he was forced to join the corporate world and take a job on Wall Street. After retiring from a successful career as a financial advisor and serving on a number of corporate and non-profit boards, he is finally fulfilling his lifelong dream of writing full time.

With an active imagination and a knack for story telling, he has completed his first full-length novel; The Revelation Project. This fast paced, action packed sci fi adventure provides a provocative thrill ride into a world of aliens, cysents (super robots), Bible code, computers, and intrigue. This thrilling page turner will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. But don’t fret, a sequel is already underway.

He lives in central New Jersey with his wife of 38 years.

John’s book, The Revelation Project


Description: The acrid air is thick with smoke as she picks her way over the dead and dying, her breathing labored, punctuated with hacking coughs and piercing pain. The smell of death and charred flesh permeate the senses as deadly missiles explode all around. Squinting through the mist, focusing on the towers, and safety, just ahead, she turns and yells out to the person behind her, “Another hundred yards and we’ll be safe.” Losing her footing, she trips and falls face first crashing hard into the ground, leaving the taste of warm blood in her mouth.

Thus begins the tale of Mya Seward. Employed as a research technician for the US government working on Bible codes, Mya makes a remarkable discovery that is destined to change the world. Embedded within the text of the Torah, she discovers a computer code written thousands of years ago. On the surface, the computer code reveals the existence of a benevolent master race known as the Iam that nurtured early man to ensure his survival. However, as she delves deeper into the computer program, she unlocks the fantastic secrets of this encrypted code, known as ‘The Prophecies,’ and discovers the terrifying truth about the Iam and their ultimate plan for humanity. Is it the End Times? Follow Mya and her small band of comrades as they engage in a fierce struggle and mortal combat in a race against time to save humanity.


catholic rosary

The Catholic Rosary

Review: Let me explain first of all that I am not Catholic. I was searching for something meditative that I could listen to in the car. The voices are very soothing and sweet, immediately transporting me to a spiritual place. I was able to drive and soon, I was repeating the more familiar prayers along with the voices. After an hour of listening the first time, I arrived at my destination feeling totally relaxed and in step with the Lord. It’s amazing to me that I felt love and respect for Mary, who is not someone I know much about aside from the virgin birth story. So I am looking forward to learning more about the rosary and the meaning of all the mysteries. Many thanks to the artist for a beautiful rendition of the rosary.

Catholic rosary novena

Catholic Rosary Novena

An Interview with John Worth


  1. How long did it take you to start writing in earnest once you knew that was what you wanted to do?

Years and a lot of prompting from family members.

  1. 2. Did you launch into self-publishing immediately or did you try the traditional route first?

I attempted the traditional route first. But after about 30 rejection letters with only one publisher expressing some tepid interest, I explored the self-publishing route and I’ve been loving it ever since.

  1. What was the most difficult part of the journey?

At first, it looked like a very daunting and impossible task. After all, 70,000-80,000 words is a lot of writing and I had a full time job at the time. I decided that the only way that I could do it was to faithfully commit to writing at least 500 words every night for 5-6 months. Some nights the words flowed easily and I’d finish up in an hour or so. But on other nights, (when the words weren’t there) were excruciatingly difficult.

  1. Do you jump right in to write once you get an idea, or do you plan and outline?

Recently, I have enjoyed some success writing non-fiction religious books. Once I get an idea, I create an outline and jump right in.

  1. Where do you write? Do you have any rituals or necessities when you write? Is noise a hindrance?

I write in a corner of our sun room where I enjoy watching beautiful sunrises over the bay. (I would probably get more writing done if I did a little more writing and a little less sunrise watching.) I typically start my day at 5:00am and there is very little noise at that hour. But generally, noise does not bother me as I tend to tune out everything else and focus on my work.

  1. Do you write more than one piece at a time? What’s in the works now?

I was in the process of writing a sequel to the “The Revelation Project”. However, we recently got a boat and fishing season is right around the corner, so the sequel will have to wait until the fall.

  1. What encourages you to write? Discourages? What do you do to motive yourself through the rough times?

I truly enjoy writing. There are times when I am writing a funny scene and I will actually laugh at loud as I’m typing.

When I don’t feel like writing, I immerse myself in other projects like fishing, computer programming, fishing, crabbing, fishing, reading, and fishing.


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