A Hobby Morphs to Passion

A Hobby Morphs to Passion

owen clough

Whispers of the PastWhispers of the Past


Note: It’s no secret that I’m a recluse. Although I’m a member of several writing groups including the wonderful San Diego chapter of the Romance Writers of America, because I don’t venture out to meetings, my contact with other authors tends to be online, especially Facebook. Owen shared his exciting new website in a group I belong to. I couldn’t wait to share his book, and Owen with my followers. Meet New Zealand author, Owen Clough.

About Owen

An Interview with Owen Clough

  1. How long did it take you to start writing in earnest once you knew that was what you wanted to do?

50 years it was certainly a long process. It wasn’t until I retired I thought what could I do with my time? Then it hit me, I have enjoyed genealogy all my life but I didn’t want to write about the family so what about using my hobby as historical fiction, and that was the start.

  1. Are you self published? Did you launch into self-publishing or did you try the traditional route first?

Yes my first book Whispers of the Past has been published one year on the 11th March. I was lucky my daughter had done some graphic designs for a publisher and she sent my book down and he rang my three days later to come down and sign a contract

  1. What was the most difficult part of the journey?

Researching making sure it is correct even if is fiction the period has to be right.

  1. Do you want to do a stand alone or series?

This is a trilogy each book does finish in it own right

  1. Do you jump right in to write once you get an idea, or do you plan and outline?

I just started to write.No out line nothing the story evolved as I wrote

  1. Where do you write? Do you have any rituals or necessities when you write? Is noise a hindrance?

At home early morning usually, though as I have been noticing latey I can write anywhere, in the car on the beach in the bush, noise doesn’t worry me.

  1. Do you write more than one piece at a time? What’s in the works now?

I finish one book before I start the next. The second book is finished and at the proofreading stage the third is nearly finished and I have an idea for a children’s book.

  1. What encourages you to write? Discourages? What do you do to motive yourself through the rough times?

I walk when I have a block, sometime I’ll go a week without picking up the story and then I’m away again.

  1. I’m sure your experiences must compel you to write! Readers want to hear whatever you have to say about that!

50 years of life helps, from leaving school at 14 to a working holiday around New Zealand at 15 arriving back home a couple of years later to join the Airforce 12 years in uniform with posting overseas. Driving buses a couple of business coffee shop in a mall, a limo company. They a salesman on the road for a butter company, driving a tourist tram in Christchurch NZ going through 14.000 earthquakes changes your attitude on life. Bringing up two children and all that goes with it. Left Christchurch and traveled the length of NZ for 12 years. Now live in a small country community A full life with one granddaughter.


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  1. Blow me down, I never expected this Suzanne. You are a peach, an informative page but what amazes me we only met a couple of times on FB. You are certainly are a credit to the author community and your country.My sincere thanks for putting this up.

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