“He said dress casual.”

Touch Me When We’re Dancing: Pam of Babylon #17

While writing this I often listened to favorite music to get in the mood. Of course, Karen Carpenter was singing during a lot of the scenes. When Pam’s husband Randy makes a disappointing decision and I know it will hurt Pam, I can hear Karen’s beautiful voice in the background. Read the lyrics here.  “Play us a groove so we hardly move.” The song is so romantic, I asked where’s my husband? 🙂 Here’s the first chapter of Touch Me When We’re Dancing.

Anyway, there’s a lot of love and some laughs, too.

I had fun with Sandra. She’s a mess. I don’t want to give too much away, but her clothes are mentioned several times. Because I shop at Lands End and Walmart, I was stymied trying to describe what she wore. In one instance, the person in charge told her to dress casual. I looked around for clothes someone living in a major city might wear for an important casual event.

Researching popular designers, I was shocked to discover that one outfit Sandra wore cost about

$3500 including boots. Lol!!!!

The Stella McCartney Cardigan is

about $1000. The suit, $1800.

The Gianvitto Rossi Boots are $1700.


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