Frozen Sin

Frozen Sin


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The Frozen Sin Pre-Order is live, Worldwide Amazon Link:
$20 Amazon Gift Card Raffle. Easy entry, email a screenshot of proof of order to [email protected] That’s it.

Release date is December 28th!! Pre-Order is $2.99

Jocelyn’s world was crashing down around. Her world of love, carnal sin and sinister forces were driving her to the brink. She felt trapped and needed to find a final solution.
Could she find love or was her life of wantonness all that was left? What of the evil, Devin, that wanted to destroy her, could she end his reign of terror?
The new series, Border of Desire, will answer all these questions and more!
Worldwide Amazon Link:
Frozen Sin (Border of Desire Book 1)
Could Jocelyn finally find love or was carnal sin her only hope to survive?Returning to the Mansion didn’t stem the chaos that tore at her heart. She was in a whirlpool of an emotional tide, with no obvious solution. Three men ripped at the foundations of her being. One wanted her heart, the othe…

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