Secrets of Youth Haunt a Famous Surgeon

Secrets of Youth Haunt a Famous Surgeon


Note: I know that’s the Flatiron District and not Chelsea, but Alexandra ran by there all the time :0)

Publisher’s Weekly –
The Savant of Chelsea
“This gripping novel from Jenkins delivers complex twists and turns from start to finish. Alexandra Donicka is a talented but unstable brain surgeon living in New York City. When her mother dies, Alexandra travels to New Orleans to face the tragedies and secrets of her youth. These include childhood abuse and the birth of a child, who was taken from Alexandra by her mother more than two decades ago. As Alexandra searches for her daughter, she must grapple with long-hidden emotions and discover her own humanity. Jenkins creates fully realized, believable characters and ably portrays mental illness in this dark tale that provides nonstop thrills and culminates in an explosive and unexpected finale.”

Award winning film-maker and author, Elizabeth Appell says about The Savant of Chelsea, “Disturbing while brilliant. The characters in “The Savant of Chelsea” live and breathe long after the book is over. Jenkins really knows the inside and out of mental illness and doesn’t flinch. Though I kept wanting to turn away I wasn’t able. I couldn’t stop turning the pages. There should be an online book club to discuss the ending. I had to read it three times to be sure what was on the page was what I thought I’d read. It was simultaneously satisfactory and disturbing. This novel could be a film.”

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    • Denise I actually did think about doing a third and have notes. Detective Ryan (is that his name?) LOl! needs to know Alexandra is pregnant with his baby! Thank you so much for writing. I really appreciate it!

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