If I Ever Leave You – Pam of Babylon #16


If I Ever Leave You: Pam of Babylon #16

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Coming November 15th!


For an excerpt go here.

You know I can’t stop writing about Pam. While I was typing away in the middle of the night during a gruesome attack of insomnia, the tune from the play Camelot kept buzzing through my head. Light bulb moment! That’s the title to #16! I’m sure couples will be breaking up left and right and a few new romances will pop up. Here’s the description from Amazon.

After Randy leaves for Greece and another Adventure Trek season, family demands on Pam make an impromptu trip to the Greek Islands to meet up with him more appealing. While Pam debates leaving, Lisa is confronted with a startling revelation, Alison takes a chapter from Pam’s playbook and looks the other way, Sandra is caught in a maelstrom of intrigue, and Violet, still not completely comfortable with her new skinny body, is swept into a love affair that shocks everyone.

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