The Donut Shop Murder on Amazon!

The Donut Shop Murder on Amazon!

the-donut-shop-murder-300The Donut Shop Murder

A Greektown Story Novella

Originally, The Case of the Coffee Shop Murder, I wanted to revisit the dynamic between Jill and Albert, Detroit homicide detective partners, without the complication of their complicated families. I mention them, but only in passing. Also, the action takes place before The Greeks of Beaubien Street. Alex and Jill are in love, Gus is still alone in the grocery, visiting son Chris in Plymouth every Sunday.

I love Jill Zannos; she is strong, independent, and she doesn’t allow her boyfriend’s foibles (awful word with worse visuals) interfere with the goals she’s set for herself. But I’m getting confused with The Greeks of Beaubien Street!

In The Donut Shop Murder, on a chilly Monday morning before Thanksgiving, Jill is crouched down next to a dead body in the street. They are waiting for the medical examiner to arrive; Sam Wasserman is late, because he is at the home of a fellow physician whose infant died in the night. So begins Jill’s investigation into The Donut Shop Murder. Here’s the original cover, by the way, vetoed by my faithful fans.


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