Cynthia Woolf – Western Romance

Cynthia Woolf – Western Romance

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An Interview with Cynthia

  1. How long did it take you to start writing in earnest once you knew that was what you wanted to do? I’ve been dabbling in writing a book since 1990. I finished that book in 2011 when I knew I could be an author. That’s when I found out about indie publishing.
  2. Are you self published? Did you launch into self-publishing or did you try the traditional route first? I tried traditional for years. Sending to agents and editors only to be turned down. Now I’ve published 22 books and couldn’t be happier.
  3. What was the most difficult part of the journey? Telling myself over and over again, that I can be a writer, that I am a writer and then to sit down and write.
  4. Do you want to do a stand alone or series? I work in series because that’s what my readers like.
  5. Do you jump right in to write once you get an idea, or do you plan and outline? I’m a pantser. Do a list of ideas for the story, get what my hero and heroine look like and start typing away.
  6. Where do you write? Do you have any rituals or necessities when you write? Is noise a hindrance? I have an office I write in. I’m very capable of tuning out most noise.
  7. Do you write more than one piece at a time? What’s in the works now? I’ve got two books going right now, one for Debra Holland’s Montana Sky Kindle World and one for my Brides of San Francisco series.
  8. What encourages you to write? Discourages? What do you do to motive yourself through the rough times? I have a wonderful husband and critique/ writing partners. We don’t actually write each other’s stories, but do brainstorm each other’s story when we need to.


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