Cover Reveal! Pam of Babylon #10

Pam #10 by Suzanne Jenkins
I’ll Always Love You: Pam of Babylon #10


I’ll Always Love You finally has a cover! We had a rough time searching for just the right art work. As often happens in the middle of a dilemma, serendipity strikes! The work of artist, Jeanie Tomanek appeared on my Facebook news feed and I knew right away. Jeanie’s paintings have a haunting quality that conveys exactly what Pam Book #10 needed. Beyond the betrayal and the soap opera, love between groups of women echo; the grandmothers, Bernice and Nelda and little Miranda, Pam and Violet, and Lisa and Cara. The story is evolving, but the painting, called Grandmother’s Gift, is exactly right. Jeanie has a wonderful Etsy store, too.

I’m so grateful Jeanie agreed to allow me to use her beautiful painting for the cover of Pam of Babylon Book #10, I’ll Always Love You.


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