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From History to Mystery – S.R. Mallery

From History to Mystery – S.R. Mallery

A Valentine She’ll Remember

A Valentine She’ll Remember

Happy Valentine’s Day The next set in the wildly popular She’ll Remember series! 8 bestselling and award winning romance authors take you on a journey of knee-buckling romance. 8 memorable Valentine romances to sweeten the season of love. There is no better way to celebrate the season of love than with each of these eight heroines and… Continue Reading

Fall in Love Again and Again

Fall in Love…Again and Again. February is a month of romance and what better way to celebrate then with free books. 50+ books with characters that will make you fall in love again and again. Direct link for Giveaway – Back from Hell by Marissa Dobson The Break by Erica Sand Bayside Promises by… Continue Reading

“He said dress casual.”

Touch Me When We’re Dancing: Pam of Babylon #17 While writing this I often listened to favorite music to get in the mood. Of course, Karen Carpenter was singing during a lot of the scenes. When Pam’s husband Randy makes a disappointing decision and I know it will hurt Pam, I can hear Karen’s beautiful… Continue Reading

Kisses for You!

Sweet and Sassy Valentine If you’ve ever been struck by Cupid’s Arrow, you know Love has the power to change you and your world. If you’ve ever been in love, then you know there is no feeling more exquisite than being held by the one you love. We wanted each of you to have a… Continue Reading

Oscar and Lisa at Valley Green

One of many reasons I love writing the Bittersweets stories is because of the neighborhood in northwest Philadelphia. We lived there for a short time, but I fell in love with it and still love it. For more about the series, go here. In Bittersweets – Oscar and Lisa, the couple go to Valley Greek… Continue Reading

Historical Fiction by SR Mallery

A reblog from Sarah’s website     LISTEN TO THE DOLAN GIRLS IN AUDIO, narrated by Nancy Peterson:                                 LISTEN TO SEWING CAN BE DANGEROUS IN AUDIO, narrated by Suzie Althens       HERE’S WHAT THEY’RE SAYING ABOUT UNEXPECTED GIFTS: 1)“The author has a remarkable gift. The amazing ability not… Continue Reading

The Jade Emperor FREE on Amazon :-)

  Almost fifty years ago, I read  Pearl Buck’s Letter From Peking. I was a new bride, faced with my own boogeyman when my husband was confronted with the draft. We were all petrified in those days; for a man to get drafted was an automatic order to go to Vietnam, or so we thought. Four… Continue Reading