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Revisiting Perfect for Him – Pink Heaven

Revisiting Perfect for Him – Pink Heaven

When my children were small, one of my worries when I was on call for the OR and had to drive out in the middle of the night in bad weather was what would happen to my family if I was killed? I think that’s a common thought of young parents. The haunting thought came to me again a few years ago when a young friend died, leaving her husband and teen children. You do what you can to protect your children by having a will, but what if you could plan for EVERYTHING? So as not to give away spoilers, that thought intrigued me: a wife who makes sure every contingency is covered in case of her death.

As I wrote the book, details about the four daughters flooded my brain, far too many to include in Perfect for Him which was already too long. I took notes to save the nuances of each girl. Pink Heaven is about Tina, the middle daughter. Here’s reader Rosemary Kenny’s review of Pink Heaven, available free on Amazon.

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Pink Heaven – a review by Rosemary Kenny


This tiny (38 pages), but perfect novelette, by Suzanne Jenkins tells the tragic story of Tina Jones’ struggle to cope with the fear that her Mom, (who’s recovering from breast cancer surgery) may not recover fully, despite ongoing treatment. These fears are reinforced when she hears her two elder sisters trying to hide their tears and emotional pain from her.

Hadley (Tina’s Mom), is determined to stay positive, realising that her daughters, particularly Tina [who inherited her red hair and freckles and is too young to realise, that wearing an all-pink wardrobe and a breast cancer cancer charity ribbon pin won’t make the slightest difference to the outcome], aren’t coping well with her latest diagnosis.

Outside the house with its pall of emotional gloom, Tina has previously done excellently at school – she’s intelligent, motivated and has been a first violin in the school orchestra. Now withdrawn and feeling helpless, even Tina’s ‘almost’ boyfriend, Albie can’t seem to get through to her. Tina dreads the worst-possible news from home, or that the house will be haunted by Harley’s ghost if she dies.

A moving witness account of the terrors of abandonment, teen girlhood’s budding emotions and the love of a young woman for the mother who may never see her grow up.

Tissues at the ready for this 5-star winner by the excellent Suzanne Jenkins!

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