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A Wedding She’ll Remember

 The dreams of every young woman in love lead to this one day of her life, the day she truly becomes a princess, that special day she will remember for the rest of her life: her wedding day. EIGHT New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors bring you eight stories of memorable weddings, spilling over with nervous tingles and overwhelming moments. Experience the euphoria of wedding day bliss, cry a river of happiness and celebrate the joy over and over again with these happy ever after tales.



Patricia Rosemoor – A Rancher’s Vow – Reed Quarrels asks Alcina Dale to marry him so he can save the Curly! Ranch, not knowing Alcina has been in love with him forever.

Taylor Lee – Undercover Wedding – They called her the Ice Princess. That was before the sexy police commander turned up the heat and proved that fire does melt ice. It couldn’t have been a more perfect wedding until a group of would-be assassins crash the party.

Natalie Ann – True Love – Shattered dreams vs. a new beginning. Can a young widow with a two-year-old heal this wounded warrior?

Tamara Ferguson – Two Hearts in Accord– When active duty wounded warriors lieutenants Anna Drummond and Neil Harrison insist that the last thing they want is a long term relationship, will TWO HEARTS IN ACCORD finally admit that it’s love?

Stephanie Queen – Margo and George Forever? – Will Margo make it to the alter in spite of George’s family and the circus of a wedding they planned?

Suzanne Jenkins – A Greektown Wedding – Relationships are blooming as Spring approaches, but will the Detroit Police Department be enough to keep the out of control lovers in check?

Alicia Street – Maybe Lovers – Can a hot doc with his own troubles convince a cynical bartender that it’s okay to dream of love?

Mimi Barbour – My Cheeky Angel – Can a tomboy change to attract a man?

#FREE Detroit Detective Story

#FREE Detroit Detective Story

The first in the series, The Greeks of Beaubien Street is FREE until February 15th. Nestled below the skyline of Detroit you’ll find Greektown, a few short blocks of colorful bliss, warm people and Greek food. In spite of growing up immersed in the safety of her family and their rich culture, Jill Zannos doesn’t… Continue Reading

Authors – Enter an Instafreebie Crime Fiction Group Giveaway

  Giveaway Dates March 10th-17th. We are so lucky to have discovered Instafreebie Giveaways, an efficient way to gain subscribers to your email list while giving wonderful books to our readers. All sub-genres of Crime Fiction are invited to join us, except erotica. The Free Dictionary defines Erotica as Literature or art intended to arouse… Continue Reading

Mystery, Suspense & Thriller Group Giveaway!

Mystery, Suspense & Thriller Group Giveaway!

The Greeks of Beaubien Street, the first book in the Greektown Detective Stories is in an Instafreebie Giveaway this week! There are forty-four free reads on Instafreebie, and forty-four 99 Cents reads on Amazon. Check it out! FREE on InstaFreebie! 99 Cents on Amazon! The Greeks of Beaubien Street on Instafreebie is a preview, just… Continue Reading

The Donut Shop Murder on Amazon!

The Donut Shop Murder on Amazon!

The Donut Shop Murder A Greektown Story Novella Originally, The Case of the Coffee Shop Murder, I wanted to revisit the dynamic between Jill and Albert, Detroit homicide detective partners, without the complication of their complicated families. I mention them, but only in passing. Also, the action takes place before The Greeks of Beaubien Street.… Continue Reading

The Greektown Detroit Detective Stories

The Greektown Detroit Detective Stories

The Greektown Detroit Detective Stories The Greektown Stories Detroit Detective Stories   I love this series and have loved rereading it preparing for Greek Style. Thank you so much for your encouragement to keep writing about Jill and her Papa, Gus. Dido and Jill have a beautiful relationship. I laughed while I revisited some of… Continue Reading

Falling in Love With Dido – Greektown Stories

In preparation for writing the fifth Greektown book, I have been rereading the earlier releases.The Greektown Stories started with The Greeks of Beaubien Street, my attempt at capturing childhood memories of visits to Greektown with my father. The murder evolved from my fascination with police work, the lurid description of the attack of the daughter… Continue Reading