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Dogs We Have Loved

On Sunday, we lost our beloved dog, Oscar. I sent a note in my newsletter to subscribers and have received the most beautiful messages and photos of beloved dogs that will help Jim and I get over the loss. Here are pictures of Oscar and the dogs we miss so much.

Baby Oscar 2006


NIcky and Riley


Shannon’s Cody


Brenda’s Scooby


Susan’s Captain


Tammy’s Ralph


Tammy’s Barney



Sue’s Ella

Julia’s Domino


Julia’s Sugarfoot


Julia’s Gunner

Beth’s Oscar


Cat’s Gracie

Marilynn’s Sadie


Marilynn’s Brie


Linda’s Splatter, Spudley and Jasper


Suzie’s Spot and Slick


Marilyn’s Snowball and Icecream

Smitty’s Ripples


Ripples’ Baby Picture! xo