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The Inspiration for A Touch of Passion by Uvi Poznansky

The Inspiration for A Touch of Passion by Uvi Poznansky

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Suzanne’s Note- You may have noticed I’ve linked to Uvi Poznansky ‘s blog a lot recently. She’s the force behind the two boxed set anthologies, At Odds with Destiny, and A Touch of Passion in which my books are included. Uvi is a fierce advocate for authors and sacrificially works to promote the books of so many of us, asking very little outside of our participation in promotion in return. Recently I asked her to share what inspired her to begin the process of organizing the boxed sets. Her reply explains in part what drives her to the selfless work she does on behalf of me and many other writers. Scroll down for her answer.


But first, a little about Uvi taken from her website -Uvi Poznansky is a California-based author, poet and artist. “I paint with my pen,” she says, “and write with my paintbrush.” She received a Fellowship grant and a Teaching Assistantship from the Architecture department at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, where she earned her M.A. in Architecture. Then, taking a sharp turn in her education, she earned her M.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Michigan.

Uvi writes across a variety of genres: Apart From Love,apart

My Own Voice,voice

and The White Piano (literary fiction),white

The Music of Us (romance),music

Rise to Power,rise

A Peek at Bathsheba,bathsheba

and The Edge of Revolt (historical fiction),theedge

A Favorite Son (biblical fiction)favorite

, Home (poetry), Twisted (horror), and Now I Am Paper and Jess and Wiggle (children’s books.)

In Uvi’s Words

Every day, I am doing the best I can to keep up with the changing landscape of book publishing, learning new tools, reading about different ways to reach out to readers. Why? because of my characters. Having sprung from my mind onto the page, they might die there, pressed between the front and back covers–unless I make it possible for them to spring from the page into your mind.
The most important piece of wisdom I have acquired along the way is this: promoting literary work is a huge undertaking. Some believe that a competitive spirit is crucial to have a chance in this battle, but in my mind, the war is won by forming alliances with other strong, talented authors.
Creating alliances starts with something simple: a sense of generosity. I start by sharing the Facebook posts of other authors and by retweeting their tweets. Then I watch if they respond in kind. If they do, I study them and their work more closely. Do they write well? Do they have a good following on social networks? Does their work resonate with readers? What do the reviews say about their writing?
Often I offer them an interview opportunity on my blog, which allows not only my readers but also me to learn about their work in more detail. What inspires them? What is their life story? How did they start on this incredibly challenging journey?
I build on a growing familiarity with them with even more extravagant efforts: creating Facebook events and creating boxed sets. Both activities require a huge amount of planning and even more importantly, building goal-driven teams, comprised of talented authors.
The most ambitious boxed set I created to-date is titled A Touch of Passion, and the name suggests not only the contents of the box–12 wonderful romance novels by best selling, USA Today and NY Times authors–but also the way I feel towards this project. For me, it’s a work of love.
 romance reviews
I give this project a lot of time, from the design of the cover to designing timely graphics for ads as we go through a change of seasons, from one holiday to the next. I love it when authors in the team promote each other, because it takes the sense of generosity to a new level. And I feel rewarded when I learn new tricks of the trade from them, because each one of us has charted her own course in climbing to her present position, so each one of us knows something that the others do not.
Most lately I was thrilled to see that Elizabeth Marx (author of Just in Case) started leading the team in its Tuesday Tweet Bash, and I was excited to learn that Tamara Ferguson (author of That Unforgettable Kiss) placed the set in a contest called THE ROMANCE REVIEWS reader’s choice award. We are all working together to reach out to readers and ask for their help, and to that end we will also have a Facebook event called Call to Arms. I invite all of you to join us in our quest.
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