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Unforgettable Trouble: Passion and Thrills



UNFORGETTABLE TROUBLE: PASSION AND THRILLS are what you’ll find in this Romantic Suspense Collection. Ripped from headlines are passionate, steamy encounters from 9 New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors. In this set, trouble comes in all shapes and sizes, but it’s sizzling hot and thrilling. If you like strong men willing to walk on hot coals for the women they love despite the perils involved, and women who will go the extra mile, then you won’t be able to put down this unforgettable collection.

Find stories about a woman who fakes her death, an agent forced to hunt terrorists in his neighborhood, forensic evidence that threatens cops, mobsters who want her, a billionaire lost at sea, a blonde barracudas and more. Passion burns hot within these pages and the thrills never end.

Mimi Barbour: SPECIAL AGENT BOOKER, a sensational glimpse into the life of a man on the edge!
Taylor Lee: IN THE STILL OF THE NIGHT, they call her the Blonde Barracuda. The press loves her, the politicians fear her, and the mob is out to get her!
Suzanne Jenkins: When a mobster threatens her life, Karen Calder proves she’s STRONGER.
Tamara Ferguson: Wounded Warrior Aaron Davidson contends with more than an EXTENDED FLIGHT while saving lives and searching for his missing sister.
Stephanie Queen: A CIA coded message means BEACHCOMBER TROUBLE for ex-special ops legend Dane Blaise and his gorgeous ex-Scotland Yard partner, Shana George.
Dani Haviland: Just when you think you’ve nabbed crime’s biggest boss, you realize there’s ALWAYS A BIGGER FISH.
Joan Reeves: In a race for survival, it’s a DEAD HEAT for ex-spy Sabrina Snow and Navy SEAL John Galloway.
Traci Hall: Resurrection runs in the family—just ask THE BILLIONAIRE’S BROTHER, who risks death for love. (Book #15 in the By the Sea series)
Katy Walters: Could an ancient Druid cult be responsible for THE TATTOOS OF DEATH?

Run, Hide, Survive!

99c to buy, or borrow with your Kindle Unlimited subscription Click Here Love and Trouble add up to Unforgettable Danger in this heart-pounding and thrilling romantic suspense set from NINE New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors. Bite your nails as a hooker turned nanny, a determined princess, a ghostly bride, a single mother… Continue Reading

Love a Long Time Ago …

Love a Long Time Ago …

…Is the Same Today, but with Different Hairstyles Writing historical fiction is liberating, with a caveat…don’t forget to eliminate all references to electronics. In my contribution to Rebels, Rogues, and Romantics, leaving those common details out of The Liberation of Ravenna Morton was actually easy, because she lives the same now in her cabin on… Continue Reading

Rebels, Rogues, and Romantics!

Available on Amazon now!   He’s too much a REBEL! I could never love anyone as inconsiderate and rash or coarse. Such a ROGUE. I can’t abide someone who can’t or won’t follow the rules or obey the law of the land. His smile, his soft voice, those gentle words… He’s so ROMANTIC. How could… Continue Reading