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Dani Haviland – Living a Fantasy

Dani Haviland is one of the most generous women I’ve meant on my writing journey. To learn more about Dani, scroll down.

The Fairies Saga

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USA Today best-selling author Dani Haviland, a Mayflower and Mormon pioneer descendant, recently semi-retired from selling tractor parts, tools, and roses in Alaska, relocating to a more temperate climate in western Oregon to pursue her passions: writing, gardening, and photography.

Life has changed from jumping into a skidsteer loader to plow snow to pull-starting the walk behind weed whacker, but there are still enough hours in the day for the feisty old lady to propagate people for her novels and plants for her yard. Sharing is part of her personality, so creating books and photos to share all over the world makes her happy.

Her tenacious and perky attitude is reflected in many of her cyber children, whether they be a British lord stuck in 18th century North Carolina or a 6’7″ time traveling ‘fairy’ who is out to champion anyone who is having a rough time dealing with difficult life situations.

The first book in THE FAIRIES SAGA series is NAKED IN THE WINTER WIND. This story reveals how 21st century Evie fell back in time, rejuvenated, met fictional characters who were real, and dealt with kidnappers, a cougar, and near starvation. Two husbands, lots of babies, and the solar-powered smartphone she discovered make her life even more interesting. Originally released in 2013 in three parts: AMNESIA (I), ABANDONED (II), and ADOPTIONS (III), it is now available complete, in print or e-book.

HA’PENNY JENNY (historical novella) tells us more about the young girl we first met in NITWW. Although Jenny is not a time traveler, her adopted mother and grandmother are…but she won’t let them know she knows. People aren’t comfortable with a young girl who ‘sees’ what they’re thinking and what is going to happen before it does.

AYE, I AM A FAIRY is the follow up tale of how Evie’s daughter tries to ‘catch up’ to her mother who is living 230 years in the past. Should she go back in time? And should she take the handsome young British lord she just met with her?

DANCES NAKED is the tale of a chatty 21st century directionally challenged British time traveler who is rescued by Cherokee Indians and how he and his new friends help each other out of their predicaments.

LITTLE BEAR AND THE LADIES (historical novella) reveals more about the handsome white trapper we met in the first stories of the series. Suddenly, the bachelor has too many females in his life. Can he keep them all safe from the Hessian mercenaries?

THE GREAT BIG FAIRY follows a tall, big-hearted man from the 21st century to 1782 and back again to present day. But he doesn’t return alone. How will his new lady love handle the unexpected surprises of modern life and the 20 pound surprise who greets them?

LITTLE DRUMMER BOY (historical novella, part of LOVE, CHRISTMAS boxed set) Young Scout is set on earning money as a scout with the reserve army in the newly organized United States of America, but his hopes are dashed by an ornery sergeant. Demoted to drummer boy at half wages, the youth still finds a way to help lost souls…and learn what Christmas is all about.

CHASING CHRISTMAS (historical novella, part of SWEET AND SASSY CHRISTMAS) More about Jenny and her family and the new woman who is sharing their lives. A birth, death, and marriage change the dynamics of this interesting time traveling family.

NEVER TOO YOUNG (historical novella) Will Jenny and Scout ever grow up and be married the traditional way? What can possibly get in their way?

LUKE THE UNEXPECTED (novella) The love of classic motorcycles bring this unexpected couple together.

KIT KRINGLE: AN ALASKAN TALE (contemporary romance) Will love spoil this feisty woman’s chance of starting a construction business in Alaska during the winter? And how does a feral cat fit in the dilemma?

A STINGRAY CHRISTMAS (romantic suspense) First book in the Arlie Undercover series. His college prank had unexpected results. Now how could he tell the woman he was the father of her child?

FAIRIES DOWN UNDER, the journey of The First Fleet and the early settlers, most of them convicts, who landed in Australia, January, 1788, is in development, no release date set.

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