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“He said dress casual.”

Touch Me When We’re Dancing: Pam of Babylon #17

While writing this I often listened to favorite music to get in the mood. Of course, Karen Carpenter was singing during a lot of the scenes. When Pam’s husband Randy makes a disappointing decision and I know it will hurt Pam, I can hear Karen’s beautiful voice in the background. Read the lyrics here.  “Play us a groove so we hardly move.” The song is so romantic, I asked where’s my husband? 🙂 Here’s the first chapter of Touch Me When We’re Dancing.

Anyway, there’s a lot of love and some laughs, too.

I had fun with Sandra. She’s a mess. I don’t want to give too much away, but her clothes are mentioned several times. Because I shop at Lands End and Walmart, I was stymied trying to describe what she wore. In one instance, the person in charge told her to dress casual. I looked around for clothes someone living in a major city might wear for an important casual event.

Researching popular designers, I was shocked to discover that one outfit Sandra wore cost about

$3500 including boots. Lol!!!!

The Stella McCartney Cardigan is

about $1000. The suit, $1800.

The Gianvitto Rossi Boots are $1700.


If I Ever Leave You – Pam of Babylon #16

  If I Ever Leave You: Pam of Babylon #16 Available for pre-order Coming November 15th!   For an excerpt go here. You know I can’t stop writing about Pam. While I was typing away in the middle of the night during a gruesome attack of insomnia, the tune from the play Camelot kept buzzing… Continue Reading

Giveaway! Claim your book: The Wrong Girl

Giveaway! Claim your book: The Wrong Girl

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Mystery, Suspense & Thriller Group Giveaway!

Mystery, Suspense & Thriller Group Giveaway!

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A First Kiss

A young girl sets a goal which doesn’t include love, until the war in the Persian Gulf intervenes. In this excerpt, Pipi Wiener has moved on with her life, and all but given up hopes that she and Walter; Wax will be a couple. One night while she’s home from college, he makes a surprise… Continue Reading