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Short Story with a Punch

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I truly love a short story with a punch and this one has that…and more. Imagine finding out that your soul mate and husband truly is mentally ill and then figuring out how to deal with him. Not only him but the effect that his emotions and feelings have on the rest of your three children.

Easter dinner proves to be the pivotal portion in this short story. Husband Ryan illustrates his ‘unbalanced’ mind and has to pay for his actions.

Faith and the power of prayer come to fruition, also. The ending shows that sometimes prayer is answered in mysterious ways!

Most highly recommended.

Bill Cronin-Master of Dialogue

Bill Cronin-Master of Dialogue

Suzanne’s Note: I met Bill Cronin shortly after Pam of Babylon was published. Neither of us can remember why we contacted the other. I’m so glad we did. Bill’s series, the Jack McNamara Chronicles hooked me; The Song of the Mockingbird , so relatable as a writer! Realistic dialogue follows his characters as they age… Continue Reading

Love Romance?

Love Romance! Let Passion Take You Where You Want to Go!   A select group of eight bestselling, multiple award-winning, USA Today and NY Times authors has joined forces to bring you eight full-length amazing Romance novels in one boxed set, titled: A Touch of Passion Looking for a heart-warming story to read on a  summer’s  night?… Continue Reading