Broken Wings – D.G. Torrens

Broken Wings – D.G. Torrens

I was going to miss not spending Christmas with you

From Uvi Poznansky’s blog – “Well, I figured as we would not get to spend our first Christmas together, I thought it was only fair to bring it forward!” Joshua took Angelina by the hand and led her up the creaky wooden steps. He unlocked the thick wooden door and stood aside to let Angelina walk in first.
As they entered, Angelina gasped. “Oh wow! This is so beautiful, Joshua.”
Joshua closed the door behind them and Angelina walked around the lodge with her mouth agape. The log fire was burning and the heat warmed up the lodge. There was a smaller Christmas tree to the left of the fire and two presents already wrapped, sitting pretty and just begging to be opened. Joshua went straight to the fridge, pulled out a bottle of chilled champagne and grabbed two glasses before turning to Angelina.
“I wanted it to be special. I hope it’s not too much for you? I just wanted to make sure you miss me while I’m away!”
Angelina turned to Joshua, “This is perfect. Oddly enough, I was thinking earlier how much I was going to miss not spending Christmas with you… I love it. All of it. You’ve made me feel like the luckiest woman in the world! Now, are you going to crack open that champagne?”
“Stand back, I have no idea how the champagne was handled before it reached the lodge!”
The cork flew with a bang. Angelina almost jumped out of her skin and Joshua laughed while pouring them a large glass each. They sat down in front of the open fire, watching the burning flames and listening to the crackling wood. Joshua’s large arms wrapped loosely around Angelina and she had never felt more complete in her entire life.

Excerpt from Broken Wings by D.G. Torrens

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