What Do You Believe?

What Do You Believe?

Three years ago I had the idea for a science fiction series involving an insular Greek family living under a post apocalyptic regime, The Coalition. The story takes place during an uprising having no end, as they try to survive while a new government is formed. The minorities in this world are blind people. The debate among the non-Members is whether they were intentionally blinded as punishment, or if it’s caused by an illness for which only Members of the Coalition are immunized. Members say it’s a hoax, but they line up for their shots.

There are seventeen short stories in the set. Fifteen are arranged in three volumes, free on Instafreebie with your email address. Sixteen and Seventeen are sent to subscribers, number eighteen coming soon!




Memory of the Color Yellow 6-11 600


Memory of the Color Yellow 11-15 1400


Mend Me Mend My Heart

I’m so excited about my new sweet romance, just released today for 99 Cents! Charlotte Baker, a thirty something widow raising two children, is holding on to the memory of her late husband, Steve. The idea of dating again has never crossed her mind, until a fall at the cemetery where Steve is buried brings… Continue Reading

Allan Nelson “The Safety Guy”

Allan Nelson “The Safety Guy”

Find Allan on Facebook YouTube Amazon Twitter Website Synopsis Riveting Story! Crime, Suspense, and Drama at its finest. Carmine requests that FBI Agent Colin Berk meets him in the interrogation room to discuss some information about a Missing Person’s case that took place in August of 1969. Agent Berk assumes the information he may receive… Continue Reading

I Imagined I Was the Woman in the Photo

I Imagined I Was the Woman in the Photo

A reblog from Uvi Poznansky’s Blog The summer before my senior year of high school, the first where I’d be alone, getting through each day became my secondary objective, my primary still hoping to work at the magazine someday. Part of making it a reality was giving the goal credence by sharing my hopes outside… Continue Reading

Win 1 of 3 $10 Amazon Gift Cards

  •**•.★★•*Win  1 of 3 – $10 Amazon Gift Certificate*•.★★•**• Let’s have some fun!!!! This month on the Authors’ Billboard home page, http://authorsbillboard.com we have a couple of “Peek-a-boo Bunnies” hopping around from one book blurb to another – Just click the covers to get to the description blurbs. – Go to the website and… Continue Reading

Rebels, Rogues, and Romantics!

Available on Amazon now!   He’s too much a REBEL! I could never love anyone as inconsiderate and rash or coarse. Such a ROGUE. I can’t abide someone who can’t or won’t follow the rules or obey the law of the land. His smile, his soft voice, those gentle words… He’s so ROMANTIC. How could… Continue Reading