Bittersweets – My New Series

Bittersweets – My New Series

Bittersweets grew out of my love for Philadelphia.  Terry Kovac lives in the house at the top of Mount Pleasant Avenue where I lived with my young family in the late seventies. The view of Alden Manor in the distance, the concert pianist practicing Rachmaninoff every morning, the young lovers having an after midnight argument on the way to the K bus, all true. The Acme grocery store around the corner, the used furniture stores, tea shop, The Craft Store and Cheese Shop, bookstores on Germantown Avenue; my favorite haunts almost forty years ago.

When I close my eyes, I can hear the train coming up the hill, stopping at the station. If I looked out the corner of the round window that was really our bedroom on the third floor and not Terry’s living room, I could see my husband trudging up that hill with his briefcase.

Back in those days, I was a weaver, and Earle’s apartment on the first floor was the reconfigured space for my weaving studio.

Our days there were short-lived; a year after we’d arrived, my husband was transferred to Manhattan, and we moved to New Jersey. But I never forgot that brief, glorious time. My wonderful next-door neighbor, who remained a soulmate until her death in August was my first African-American friend. After being raised in white Dearborn, Michigan, it was a privilege and an honor to know her. I cried when I wrote the stories about the neighborhood, the camaraderie couldn’t be matched. I longed to tell her, but it was too late.

To read more about West Mount Airy, check out this beautiful blog post by Kae of

Bittersweets is a transition from my usual romance stories; the word steamy is appropriate to describe the tales. The characters are passionate about each other and I allow that to shine through.

Bittersweets – Terry and Alex


A one night stand segues to a weekend of passion, leading to a lifetime of romance in Bittersweets – Terry and Alex.

 The new lawyer in the office, Iraq veteran Alex Hawthorn is also the new heart throb, but fraternization is strictly forbidden. When Philadelphia lawyer Terry Kovac falls in love with him, she’s ready to give up everything, including her job.

To read an excerpt go here.

Bittersweets – Brenda and Larry

A trip to the emergency room leads to a whirlwind romance for Philadelphia law student Brenda and ER physician Larry. Head over heels in love with Brenda, nothing can disturb the love he has for her, not even a dark secret from her past.

To read an excerpt go here.


Bittersweets – Oscar and Lisa

Nurse Lisa Penn’s mother hoped she’d meet a doctor to marry at work, but fate had something else in mind. Never expecting to find romance in the ICU, Lisa knew when patient Oscar Butler was admitted after a near-fatal motorcycle accident, that he might be the love of her life. A chance meeting a few months later would bring them together again. But Oscar’s determination not to rush into love, hoping that taking their time will make it last causes Lisa to have second thoughts. Will waiting for that perfect moment to take their relationship to the next level ever come, or does fate have other ideas?

To read an excerpt go here


TBWL2 (1)

The Bride Wore Leather

Lisa stood on her toes to reach Oscar’s lips. Muscle memory clicked in, remembering what the others lips felt like, how perfectly their mouths fit together, the line of their bodies melding. They were getting a second chance. The only thing they didn’t know is what total intimacy would be like, because Oscar had been too afraid. But he wasn’t afraid now.

To read an excerpt, go here.

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  1. I love the sound of bitter sweet I think it’s going to be an awesome read and keep me up reading into the early hours.

  2. You write such good series books. I can’t wait to read this one. I have the first one from the boxed set that it is in…

  3. I lam looking forward to begin reading your new Bittersweets books, you r descriptionof them has me wanting them NOW!

  4. So glad I found out about your books. They all sound so amazing! Thanks for the chance to win the bracelet too. Good luck everyone. Its very pretty

  5. I am formerly from Pennsylvania as well. Everything you mentioned brought back memories for me.

    This book makes me want to forget all the arcs waiting for me and dive right into it.

    • Denise thank you for writing. I’m working on #3 which isn’t going to be as steamy 🙂 This one is about Oscar and Lisa. Oscar is Arvin’s friend. He intrigues me! I can’t wait to finish it.

      Thank you again!

  6. Only one year for you, yet what an impression it had. I found those close friendships formed easier as a young adult. Or maybe the town. The closeness with my Buffalo neighbors came from knowing they always had my back, whether it was digging out from snow or grief, or loneliness.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. I also am looking forward to Bitter Sweet. I know it will be great.
    Merry christmas, and thanks so much for the chance to win.

  8. Bittersweets sounds like the kind of stories you can get lost in when you are in need of a lift!! Thanks for the chance!

  9. Can’t wait to start reading the series and as for the book cover, simpler is better, use one or two fonts and base colors, to many curly cues makes it to hard to read.

  10. Bittersweets sounds AMAZING, I can’t wait to start reading them!

    Thank you, for the chance to win your beautiful bracelet.

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