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Burn District 1- a Review by Rosemary Kenny

Burn District 1- a Review by Rosemary Kenny



Burn District: Yuma – a review by Rosemary Kenny


When Hurricane Sandy hits the eastern seaboard of America, it wrecks the hitherto peaceful suburban lives of of residents in the Brandywine River Valley, including the Davis family – Dad Mike Senior, Mom Laura and their four teenagers, Down’s Syndrome sufferer Mike Jnr (17), Elise (16), Carin (15) and the youngest, Ned who’s just 8 years old and the ‘baby’ of the family, in this dramatic adventure by Suzanne Jenkins that’s a must for your bookshelves!


As they learn from next-door neighbour and Government employee, Pete, it’s not the storm that’s their greatest danger, but the fact the Government’s got no antidote to a deadly virus raging across the continent and their only solution is to create the eponymous ‘burn districts’ – whether people remain in their homes and offices or not – to hopefully stop the virus in its path. whether this will work is debatable, but their only hope is to gather together Mike’s parents, Laura’s widower father Steve and a friend of the couple’s, Kelly, who Laura feels is somewhat of a risk to her marriage, as Kelly and Mike ‘spark’ off each other when they’re together.


What happens on the long trek to hoped-for safety is engagingly told by the author and a rising sense of danger is expressed by the encounters with looters and others who won’t have the family’s best interests at heart to say the least! Will they be able to meet up with Steve, who didn’t make it to the initial rendezvous, but may be waiting for them on his ranch near the Mexican border? Will it be safe for them to go further South if he is, or will they be safe from the ever-encroaching menace that seems so unbeatable?

If you want the answers to these and more questions, get your copy today and let all your friends know not to miss out either!

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Burn District 2

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